Sunday, September 28, 2008

Corn Maze

This post is a response to those who have said that Cody and Trev's decision to go on a date Saturday night was a bad decision. We'll let you, the reader, decide the rights and wrongs of the decision after reading this post. Unfortunately, after an hour of typing I lost the original post, which was awesome, but oh well. This one will be a summary of the original and therefore not as whitty and thought provoking. Cody went with the marvelous Mary and I went with the Tenaciously beautiful Tiffany. Our night started out with some miscommunication as the rest of the group went North to the corn maze and we went South. Regretfully, I was the cause of our navigational dilemmas then and many times later in the day. But hey, we were going to a maze! The point is to get lost isn't it? Give me a break!

As we arrived at our destination and stepped out of the car we were flooded with the joyful cries of young children which not only brought us back to our Jr. High days but personified the good times that were ahead of us that great night. At the paybooth, just as Cody had forked over the 21 dollars to get in, some strangers clad in Gothic attire emerged from the background and gave me a get-in-for-one-dollar coupon and I accepted. Cody was infuriated but I was very pleased. Once in the park we travelled through the belly of the beast, engaged in intense rock, paper, scissor battles, raced mini cart thingers, country danced a bit, and found a new delight: marshmallows on a stick, dipped in chocolate and rolled in grahm cracker crumbs. The maze itself was a challenge and after a long long time of walking in circles on mushy paths we "cheated" and crept back to the entrance. I'm still confident we conquered that David Archuletta shaped acre of hell.

Our next stop was supposed to be an amazing ride in an airplane over the city lights of provo courtesy of Mike's friend from New York. Due to some more miscommunication we ended up at an abandoned helicopter hanger and waited for the rest of our group. Finally we got a hold of them and headed up the runway just a little bit to meet up with them. Next we waited, and waited, and waited, while Mike and Heather went out on the ride. We played possibly the shortest game of sardines in the history of the game of sardines and then waited, and waited, and waited. Mike got back and another couple went up in the plane. At about this time, 12:30ish, we decided that we were too tired to wait around till 3 AM. It was time to call this great night to an end. Thanks Tiffany for tons of fun! Enjoy some fotos:


scottie said...

Trev! Super dope post! You are my blog idol! It's too bad you lost your other post, but this one is still super sweet! Looks like you had a blast

Trev said...

Scott, this blog is your brainchild and when its success is herolded nationwide it will be none other than you giving the victory speech! Love ya man

scottie said...

haha thanks trev, but i can't take all the credit. It was actually Lane's idea for the blog. i just got it started and sent the e-mails out. You gotta show me some of the pics from your ride yesterday.