Sunday, September 28, 2008

Disco Skating!

Scott here-

Saturday night may officially become Disco night at The Cabin.

Every Saturday night Classic Skating in Orem has "Disco Night" from 10:00pm to Midnight. Some of the members of The Cabin and friends decided to hit it up.

The participants in Disco night were: Myself, Mr. Kevin Nichols, Colin Schmutz and the lovely Marissa Payne, Lane Aldrich, Dallas Curtis, and Brandon Spears... The night started at The Cabin, we got together early thinking there would be some good football to watch. Every game was a blowout! Seriously disappointing. 9:30 rolled around so we decided to get ready for the extravaganza. Some had good costume material at The Cabin, but the Schmutz' is where the good stuff is at. We cruised over and dotted our I's and crossed our T's so we looked in primo condition for the night. It's always a good time dressing up with friends and hitting the town, hopefully some of the pics can paint the picture of how much fun we had.


Trev said...

Nice Scotty! Great Post. Cabin fever is on fire!!!! Looks like ya'll had so much freakin fun.

Downs Family said...

Where is schmutz?

Daniel Smith said...

Nice but I think you need more sequins in your outfits.

scottie said...

schmutz is the unibomber on the left